News Articles

News Articles

Below are news and scholarly articles either written by Attorney Cristman or featuring interviews with him on various criminal defense topics.

DUI Defense

Source: St. Albans Messenger, “Improvements, flaws in DUI enforcement,” Jessie Forand, May 18, 2013

Wrongful Convictions

Source: St. Albans Messenger, “Wrongful Convictions,” Jessie Forand, March 23, 2013

Defense Of Sex Crimes

Source: St. Albans Messenger, “Victims & the right to privacy,” Jessie Forand, February 16, 2013

Federal Criminal Defense

Source: Georgia State University Law Review, “Chandler v. United States: Does the Defense Attorney Have a Legal Obligation to Present Mitigation Evidence in Eleventh Circuit Death Penalty Cases?” William Cristman, December 1, 2001