Drug Crimes

Aggressively Defending Clients Against Drug Crime Charges

In many states throughout the country, possession of small amounts of drugs and other petty drug offenses are being decriminalized. But more serious crimes are still being prosecuted aggressively. If you are facing serious drug crime charges, it is important to work with an experienced lawyer who can devise a sound strategy and execute your defense in the criminal court system.

Since opening Cristman Law Office, PLLC, I continuously have defended clients in St. Albans, Burlington and throughout Northern Vermont against a range of serious drug crime charges. I am an attorney with 15 years of legal experience and provide a zealous, client-centered approach to criminal defense representation.

Drug Use Among College Students

Perhaps more than any other demographic, college students and young adults are the most likely group to face drug crime charges. My firm has a strong history of representing students from the University of Vermont, St. Michael’s College, Champlain College, Burlington College, Middlebury College and other local schools. When retained as an attorney, I focus on defending young adults from good families who happened to make a mistake. Do not let that one mistake ruin your future. I am an experienced criminal defense lawyer whose goal is to serve you.

Even though possession of small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized to a large extent in Vermont, possession of anything more than small amounts can result in felony charges.

  • Cultivation and manufacture: In grow rooms, basements and outdoors, cultivation and manufacture can be charged as a felony in Vermont.
  • Trafficking large quantities: Sale and trafficking of large amounts of drugs, even marijuana, can result in significant penalties.
  • Prescription fraud: Prescription drug crimes are common in Vermont, and prescription fraud in particular is charged as a felony.

Having An Experienced Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer On Your Side

When facing drug crime charges, it is important to work with an attorney to understand your rights and options. Call 802-393-4154 or contact me online to schedule an initial consultation with me.