Domestic Abuse/Violence

Skilled Lawyer Defending You Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic-related charges such as domestic assault can be some of the trickiest criminal cases to defend in Vermont. These cases have a strong emotional component, which no one wants to ever experience.

Whether or not the incident indicates a serious threat, or the evidence of a crime appears to be strong, prosecutors are rarely willing to just drop the charges. Many State’s attorneys are elected to office, and many hold higher political aspirations and are unwilling to appear “soft-hearted” in the courtroom.

What You Are Facing When Domestic Abuse Charges Arise

State’s attorneys and prosecutors are fearful that someone arrested for domestic violence-related charges could potentially hurt the alleged victim in the future. If there is a prior record of an arrest for domestic assault, but no charges or prosecution, it would be potentially damaging and embarrassing for a district attorney or prosecutor to show empathy. It would be much simpler for DAs to instruct prosecutors to be tougher in every case, even on minor charges with little evidence.

Police officers see things in a similar way to prosecutors. In many cases, if the officers at the scene of any incident have any possible suspicion at all of violent behavior, the official policy is to arrest on the spot.

Domestic abuse and spousal violence is a serious issue. The results can be horrific and tragic for a family if a loved one is charged with domestic abuse charges. That’s why it’s important to have the right lawyer with the experience needed to diligently fight for the rights of the accused. I am William V. Cristman, and I have the training and experience to serve you diligently.

Just because someone is accused of domestic abuse or assault doesn’t mean they are guilty of a crime. While this is true in all cases, it is particularly important in cases where the police may suspect domestic violence or assault. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced defense lawyer to fight for your rights, allow you to tell your side of the story, and get you fair treatment under the laws of Vermont.

Avoiding Enhanced Penalties

Some defendants may face enhanced penalties for a criminal charge that is related to a domestic violence charge, which could include:

  1. Domestic violence counseling
  2. Anger management
  3. Alcohol or drug substance abuse treatment programs
  4. Restraining order/protective order/no-contact order
  5. Other possible enhanced penalties relating to the charge that could include jail time and fines

A domestic assault is the most typical charge in a domestic violence or abuse case. But other criminal charges can induce domestic violence penalties such as:

  1. Assault
  2. Battery
  3. Aggravated assault
  4. Aggravated battery
  5. Harassment
  6. Stalking
  7. Criminal property damage/malicious destruction
  8. Sexual assault/rape
  9. Violation of a protection order or restraining order

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