Criminal Defense

Complex, High-Stakes Cases Require Excellent Care

Criminal offenses, whether state or federal, can have serious consequences. I believe that anyone facing such charges deserves stellar representation to protect their future.

I started my firm, Cristman Law Office, PLLC, for that reason. I represent clients in need of sophisticated legal defense solutions against complex, high-stakes criminal charges. I strive to provide sound legal counsel and aggressive representation for clients arrested for crimes throughout my community and northern Vermont as a whole.

Experienced In Challenging Cases

I work to provide strong defense against charges that include:

  • DUIs for first or repeat offenders. Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the most complicated criminal charges to defend against. Successful DUI defense requires a wealth of scientific, legal and procedural knowledge.
  • Domestic abuse. Allegations of domestic abuse can tear apart a family and put your future in jeopardy. I work to protect my clients from damaging accusations.
  • Drug crimes. Possession, trafficking and manufacture of drugs can all be serious offenses. I work with my clients to craft strategic defenses that work.
  • Sex offenses. A conviction for a sexual offense can stay on your record, affecting your life for years to come.

I handle both state and federal cases. For each of my clients, I take the time to examine their situation and look for the most effective road to resolution. Whether that means negotiating with the prosecutor for a favorable plea bargain or fighting it out in court, I am committed to getting my clients the best possible outcome.

“At my law firm, I know how serious the charges are that you are facing. I provide sound counsel and aggressive representation. With years of experience and training, I can provide you with the best defense possible.”

— William Cristman, attorney at law

Helping Those Charged With Crimes

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