Skilled And Comprehensive Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges means your life, your future and your family are at risk. The stakes cannot be higher. You need the help of an attorney who understands your priorities and is prepared to provide the care that will achieve your goals.

Serving My Community With Devoted Representation

My name is William Cristman. I founded Cristman Law Office, PLLC to provide criminal defense representation that is:

  • Tailored. Every situation is different. I get to know you and your needs and adjust my strategy accordingly.
  • Innovative. I stay up to date on the latest developments in criminal law, which allows me to use them to my clients’ advantage.
  • Based on real experience. I have more than 15 years of experience resolving criminal charges for my clients.

My clients have complex cases. I take the time to understand the situation and craft defense strategies that work. Whether you are facing a DUI or domestic violence, I offer a full range of criminal defense services. Along with offenses involving drugs, domestic violence and sexual assault, I have particular experience handling DUI charges of all types. My history of success in these matters illustrates my skill and experience in handling charges big and small, simple and complex.

Speak With Me Today

Facing criminal charges is overwhelming and stressful. Allow me to take the burden from you, and you can rest assured that you have a seasoned defense attorney on your side. To speak with me about your situation, please call my St. Albans office at 802-393-4154 or send me an online message. I will respond as promptly as possible and arrange a meeting.