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We bring more than 15 years of experience to our clients’ cases every day.

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I Protect My Community

Criminal charges have a huge effect on you and your family. Your life and your future are at stake: You may be facing expensive fines, difficulty finding jobs or housing and even potentially jail time. Risking all these consequences by trying to handle the situation alone is very dangerous.

My name is William Cristman. I started my firm, Cristman Law Office, PLLC, because I believe that everyone should have access to quality, dependable representation. I serve my community by providing that representation.

Criminal Defense You Can Rely On

I have over a decade of experience in criminal cases, and I explore every avenue to craft a defense for my clients. I follow innovative developments in legal theory and forensic science, using every tactic possible to get good results.
I help clients facing:
• Federal crimes
• Sex crimes
• Domestic abuse/violence charges
These are serious charges. I want my clients to know that they can rely on me to ease their minds by answering any questions they may have and to know that I will dedicate myself to getting a good outcome for them.

Call Me Today To Get Help

I offer free consultations for certain cases. There is no risk to calling me and seeing what I can do for you. You can reach my Saint Albans office by calling 802-393-4154 or by sending a message through our online contact form.

News Articles

I have been quoted in several news articles surrounding my area of practice.

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My Writing

I am committed to criminal defense, and I add to the conversation in the legal community.

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